Tips on using not so pigmented eyeshadows

Hello my dear readers, I hope you are all doing well, and Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I wanted to shed some light on all of the random 100 eyeshadow pallets that you can get from pretty much any cosmetic company for a price that’s next to nothing, where some of the shadows are so chalky, non pigmented, and refuse to blend, among other things. But we all have them, or at least I have a couple. For instance this one here in the picture below is elf’s 100 eyeshadow palette that they do not carry anymore but they do have one that is similar to it if your wanting one and you can find it here
  1. Crush up the shadow with a small toothpick or something else tiny like so

2. I just used a cuticle pusher to scoop out the pigment and placed it carefully in a small container like so,

Then I just put some water into a small squeeze bottle, like a fast food ketchup bottle with the long nose ya know?. Place in a few drops at a time until the shadow had a creamed texture.

This was the final result after a couple minutes of mixing. I tried this with a mixture of the highly popular glycerin that everyone raves about using to make your loose shadows more intense and once the shadow dried it just crumbled and broke apart on my arm swatch which looked horrible!. I was just so shacked that using plain old water made these shadows smooth and the pigment more intense. Here are a few others I did

I hope you all pull out your not used so much eyeshadow pallets and do this because I think you will love the result and not feel like you have waisted your money. Take care everyone!. Until next time, Always your makeup lover, Amber Morris.













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