WWCosmetics *Etsy Shop* Loose Mica Eyeshadow Swatch/Review

Hello my dear followers!. I hope you are all doing well. The weather is getting cooler here, and I love the Fall weather. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, I love cooking for everyone. The Holidays are a time where loved ones are gathered together!.

I came across this Etsy  shop that I am excited about called, WWCosmetics. Their main focus is on Mica Loose Shadows.They also have Natural soaps with Essential Oils, Kits for making our own shadows Their goal is to produce an entire line of handmade, natural products, as well as helping others who are interested in making natural products yourself. Here are a list of things you can do with their Mica Pigments, other than wear as shadow.

Bath Bombs
Bath salts
Hair conditioners
Facial cream
Body butter
Lip balms

They currently have 39 natural mica colors to choose from. You can get them in full-sized or sample sized.  Each mica is in a 5 ml capacity plastic jar, weighs about 3 grams, for the full size, sample sizes  vary.

You can purchase a full-sized set of 6 colors of your choice for 5.00!!

When you place your order, you are to send a message as to what colors you would like. I sent my list and never even realized that I had put down 7 shades instead of the 6. I guess I was just so excited that I got carried away, and for good reason!. They never even asked any questions, or charged me for the extra one. That is something I would never expect a little company to do, very sweet!. So when I received them and began doing dry/wet swatches I noticed that 2 of the shades Fire and Red were complete dupes both when dry and applied wet. This has not affected my review, I still love them all. Let’s get to the pictures!. *These Mica shadows I am showing now all have shimmer, and apply best when you use an eye shadow base.








Now for the DRY Swatches:


  1. White, looks almost Silver in the swatch, but not in person
  2. Grass Green
  3. Designer Green
  4. Cobalt Blue


  • Fire
  • Red
  • Black

Now for the Wet Swatches,In exact order:



I am loving all of these shades!. They apply beautifully without blending away to a muddy mess. You get a ton of product for the price. I will continue to purchase from this little shop as long as they are on Etsy simply because of the high quality, with a price range that we can afford.

You can find their shop at the following link :https://www.etsy.com/shop/WWCosmetics?ref=l2-shopheader-name

I hope you have found this review helpful and exciting. Thank you for spending some time on my Blog. Feel free to drop me a message anytime!.

Your Cosmetic Lover Always,

Amber Morris

KleanColor Airy Minerals loose powder eyeshadow swatch/review.

Hello there!. I hope you are all doing well. Everything is good here at home. My  two oldest are doing good in school. Baby sister misses them while they are away and it’s sweet to hear her go on about them!.

So I told you in my previous post that I placed an order on Shopmissa where everything is 1.00. Today I wanted to tell you my thoughts on these loose shadows that I think are a gem!. The loose shadow as a whole is wonderful. You get full on pigmentation with one swatch!. The texture is well stated, “Airy” is spot on. I will be purchasing these eye shadows forever.

The downside is the packaging. I am glad I could get the little sifter that is on the top off because otherwise, you get the shadow all over everything. You tap on the bottom of the pot to get some pigment through the sifter, when you opened it to use that shadow it went everywhere. I just used a toothpick to pry the sifter off. Just BE SURE! you store them upright.Here are some pictures of the container they come in, and you will see what I mean.






These swatches are done on my bare skin, without a base. I always use an eye shadow primer when doing my eyes but, I needed to see if the pigment could hold its own. I will be purchasing the entire range of colors because for 1.00 for 1.4 grams of product, you just have to! I will leave a link to the website below if you are interested in getting these little pots of glorious eye shadows. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here and I will talk to you soon. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to know anything!


Always your beauty lover, Amber Morris :).

Tips on using not so pigmented eyeshadows

Hello my dear readers, I hope you are all doing well, and Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I wanted to shed some light on all of the random 100 eyeshadow pallets that you can get from pretty much any cosmetic company for a price that’s next to nothing, where some of the shadows are so chalky, non pigmented, and refuse to blend, among other things. But we all have them, or at least I have a couple. For instance this one here in the picture below is elf’s 100 eyeshadow palette that they do not carry anymore but they do have one that is similar to it if your wanting one and you can find it here
  1. Crush up the shadow with a small toothpick or something else tiny like so

2. I just used a cuticle pusher to scoop out the pigment and placed it carefully in a small container like so,

Then I just put some water into a small squeeze bottle, like a fast food ketchup bottle with the long nose ya know?. Place in a few drops at a time until the shadow had a creamed texture.

This was the final result after a couple minutes of mixing. I tried this with a mixture of the highly popular glycerin that everyone raves about using to make your loose shadows more intense and once the shadow dried it just crumbled and broke apart on my arm swatch which looked horrible!. I was just so shacked that using plain old water made these shadows smooth and the pigment more intense. Here are a few others I did

I hope you all pull out your not used so much eyeshadow pallets and do this because I think you will love the result and not feel like you have waisted your money. Take care everyone!. Until next time, Always your makeup lover, Amber Morris.