Suave Anti-Frizz Sleek and Shine Cream Review

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So today was the third time I have used Suave's Anti-Frizz cream and I have been happy with the smoothing results since the first use. I have thick and frizzy hair, not due to overall heat and/or haircoloring. My hair has always been naturally coarse, and lusture- lacking and really in the past it just refused to stay straight for longer than a few hours unless I straighten the crap out of it, therefore in the long run slowly making my hair worse in my opinion. I saw this drugstore product and said,”why not?”,It is inexpensive and it may be just what my hair needs; and so far I enjoy it!. It works for my frizzy hair. You can pick this up at Walmart and I assume any other drugstore chain around where you may live. I really really hope you have found this helpful. Here is what the product looks like and I am sure the price was 3.00!!.at my Walmart.




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