Loreal Paris silky sheer bb & Stargazer’s white foundation

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The Loreal BB cream with an SPF of 50,I picked up at my local Walmart and they only had the one shade but in the tube it looked like a match, sadly I was wrong and it was way to dark but, luckily I have Stargazer Cosmetics White Foundation. Here are a few pictures for you.

When I blended these two products together it gave me a natural look, slightly dewy, which I prefer for my dry skin. It evened out my skin color beautifully. The Stargazer white foundation is really very nice and frequently use it alone, with a setting powder of course under my eyes for a lighter and brighter look.

You can get Stargazer Cosmetics which is a brand I truly love online HERE

L’Oreal Paris BB cream with SPF 50 can be bought online HERE

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