My Lipstick Collection

Hello my Dear Readers!,

I hope you are all having a good day. When I say (collection) I mean that lightly but it is titled as such because that’s really what this is. I have 15 Lipsticks, 1 Lipstick primer, and 1 Lip liner.

First I will tell you about the Lip primer. It is from ColourPop Cosmetics which you can find HERE for 5.00.

It is clear in color, and has a very nice sweet smell that i adore. Here is what ColourPop says about their wonderful product,”Our Lippie Primer enhances the wear of any lip product and keeps your lips looking and feeling healthy!.Our primer contains itty bitty spherical beads that fill in fine lines making lips instantly smooth and plump! It also contains mango, avocado and shea butter for moisture and Vitamin E, which soothes your lips. I think this product is great!.


Next I will share the Lip liner I have which is from Stargazer Cosmetics which you can find HERE

IMG_3266[1] IMG_3265[1]I wear Red lipstick a lot  I think a true red or an orange-red looks best on my pale, but with warm undertones. For 2.50 this is a great lip liner that does exactly what it should!.

Back to ColourPop This lipstick is one(RAW); I was not sure about wearing but I really just had to have it, it don’t flatter me too well, but when i mix it with a darker blue liquid lipstick,which i will get to later it looks better on me. HERE is Raw’s page and costs 5.00 This has a Satin finish and wears for at least 5 hours on me.

IMG_3243[1] IMG_3242[1]

Sleek Cosmetics, their Pout Paints are so good you guys I love them!, they wear for at least 6 hours and leave a slight stain behind. They are 7.49. This first color is Peek-A-Bloo so cute right?. Which you can purchase Here This is the blue I mix with the above Lippie (RAW) to make it look better on me.

IMG_3248[1]IMG_3247[1]The next Pout Paint is called Lava, same price, wears beautifully too.

IMG_3246[1] IMG_3245[1]The next brand is Jcat Beauty which I am new to this brand, but so happy that I heard about them on Instagram!. The lip products I am showing you are called Wonder Lip Paints and the two that I have are amazing!. They wear for hours just like the Pout Paints, and they are at a great price as well at 4.99!!!!. This first color is 2nd Impossible thing and you can get it Here

IMG_3236[1] IMG_3235[1]

The second Wonder Lip Paint I own is called Pishslaver and you can get that Here

IMG_3240[1] IMG_3239[1]Stargazer Cosmetics holds a special place in my heart. I have, and love so so so many products from their wonderfully priced items that do not skimp on the quality. The first Lipstick I am showing is their UV Neon lipstick in Violet you can get it Here for 3.50!! I was floored at how long the color stayed vibrant on me, like 5 hours, and truly creamy as well.

IMG_3263[1] IMG_3264[1]2nd color is UV Neon in Pink which you can get Here Just as creamy, just as long-lasting as well.

IMG_3262[1] IMG_3261[1]

ELF Cosmetics, I love many things from this affordable brand. Their moisturizing Lipsticks are super creamy, smell great. The downfall to these are that they are so creamy that I find that you really need to wear a lip primer/liner under so they will not feather out. The first color is Coral cutie and you can get it Here


2nd is Flirty and Fabulous found Here


3rd is Velvet Rope found Here


NYC Cosmetics (AKA) New York Color is another famously inexpressive line found at your local Walmart or, CVS. This brand is hit and miss for me, you either REALLY like a product or REALLY dislike a product. Their lipsticks I have had wonderful luck with and I only have 1!!!!!. Its Their Expert Last line color is Traffic Jam and they only cost 1.99 at my Walmart where I live. Very pigmented, creamy and lasts for at least 4 hours, no lip liner needed, this does not feather on me.


This Beauty here is technically called a Lip Lacquer but, it wears like a lip gloss, wear for a couple of hours but oh so very pretty!, just look at that peachy-goldness!. The Hard Candy Lippie in 7-digits in all her beauty. Sadly Hard Candy does not have an online store, and I am sorry I cannot locate it on Walmart’s webpage, but,I bet you have a Walmart near by to go and get this! (Hard Candy is a brand ONLY found at Walmart).

IMG_3260[1] IMG_3257[1]

Cover girl Lip Lava Lip gloss in the shade Muava Lava is such a pretty deep red, a color that i normally would not wear but the formula and color makes me use it. Not at all sticky, rich color payoff in an easy swipe, no smell, and wear very well for a gloss, 3 hours on me. You can purchase this Here for 5.69.


Rimmel London Show off Lip Lacquer in Luna. I have only had this for 1 month and I swear the color changed on me, not from going bad, it smells and looks fine but at first it was a pure peach, now its more orange, either way I love the color and formula, it smells nice, and wears for 4 hours on me. You can buy this online Here


And my very last Lipstick is none other than Wet -n- Wild’s Just Peachy. I adore this color, and they just re-formulated their lipsticks and made them non-drying, like they were before (on me at least). You can purchase this gem Here


I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post. Do not hesitate to contact me!, I would LOVE to hear from my cherished readers, I truly mean that.

Until next time,Always Sincerely, Amber Morris.

Reviews on Stargazer Cosmetics white loose powder & Beauty Bar Baby HD powder

Just me

Just me

Just me

Hello my Dear Readers!. I hope you are all having a good day. Thank you for coming to see me today and I hope you all enjoy my thoughts.

Beauty Bar Baby is a little shop i came across on Etsy. Everything is all natural, mineral makeup and glitters. This powder is simply wonderful!, makes my skin look so smooth!!. This is a powder that I will continue to purchase forever. You can purchase it for 7.00 HERE

Stargazer Cosmetics has a special place in my heart because they are such a friendly company, amazing products at a price we all can afford. I have several things from their impressive line, and will always repurchase!. I love this White powder. It is finely milled, and equally makes my skin just as smooth looking as the one mentioned above. Neither of these loose powders make my 31 year old skin wrinkled, or chalky. You can purchase Stargazer’s powder for 3.50 HERE

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Yours, Amber Morris

Loreal Paris silky sheer bb & Stargazer’s white foundation

Hello my lovlies!. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means so much to me. Please!, leave me some much needed feedback on what you think about my posts and even things you want to see here. I very much want and need to please my readers.

The Loreal BB cream with an SPF of 50,I picked up at my local Walmart and they only had the one shade but in the tube it looked like a match, sadly I was wrong and it was way to dark but, luckily I have Stargazer Cosmetics White Foundation. Here are a few pictures for you.

When I blended these two products together it gave me a natural look, slightly dewy, which I prefer for my dry skin. It evened out my skin color beautifully. The Stargazer white foundation is really very nice and frequently use it alone, with a setting powder of course under my eyes for a lighter and brighter look.

You can get Stargazer Cosmetics which is a brand I truly love online HERE

L’Oreal Paris BB cream with SPF 50 can be bought online HERE

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Stargazer Cosmetics 

If you have looked at any of my previous posts you will find that I adore this cosmetic company for the good quality,nicely priced, and fast shipping especially since they are shipping from in the U.K. The first item I want to show you all is this beautiful Star Pearl Artic Blue pressed eyeshadow 


The swatch just doesn’t do justice!. It is a buildable shadow that can be a light shimmery blue or full on opacity in two layers. These shadows like most of Stargazer’s shadows are 3.00 for 3.5 grams which is a steal!. You can find this shadow Here

The next item I want to tell you all about is their cream shadow. I have a couple shades and I love them all. They glide on like butter and when they dry you can trust that it will not move until you take it off.  


These retail for 3.50 for 5.5 grams!. You can find these Here

And last but certainly not least for today is their liquid liners. I love them!. They all have a finely tipped brush-style applicator. These are not waterproof that is the downside, but, they are very pigmented and when they set, they are budge proof unless you get wet.  


These retail for 3.00 for .8 grams!. You can find them all Here

I hope you all have found this useful. Have a great day my dear readers.

Stargazer Loose Powder in Natural shimmer

Hello Everyone, my dear readers!. The last blog post I wrote was telling everyone that my baby boy, Gabriel was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. It has been a long, emotional, journey filled with prayer, tears, hope, sadness, and now our little angel is CANCER FREE!!!; Praise you Jesus, Lord Almighty.

Now what I am writing about today. I placed an online order on Stargazer’s website not to long ago. I reviewed many of the items on their world-wide website which is, and also on my Instagram page which is;

I just absoutly love their White loose powder for setting my under-eye area, and the Natural shimmer one is just a perfect, adult-shimmer/highlighter that has replaced so many others I have!. I found it useless to upload pictures because justice is just not done. The white loose is great for brightening under your eyes, no shimmer or glitter in this beautiful powder. I think Stargazer Cosmetics is a great company that offers good-quality makeup and you cant complain about pricing because everything is reasonable!. I hope this post was helpful. Take care everyone:). Remember everyday is a gift, let all the negative things that come your way roll off your back. Live, Love, Laugh, Have Hope, Prayers are purifying!. Your Beauty Lover* Amber Morris