Oil-based, water-based loose mica & pressed shadows. Along with oil-based eyeshadow primer, water-based types.

I recently used a liquid eyeshadow for the first time and let me say I learned about how not to use liquid eyeshadow.

I put on a oil wax-based eyeshadow primer but when I put the liquid shadow on top it kind of separated and moved around and never lasted. That is because the eyeshadow base I was using was water based.

We have pressed eyeshadows and loose mica powders (pigments) and are either oil/wax based and some are water-based so if you pick up a eyeshadow primer that is oil-wax based it’s not going to go well with a water-based eyeshadow and vise versa. I just recently put the 2 together and hopefully you learn from me. It’s still all in great fun.


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