Starcrushed Minerals Highlighter(s) Swatch and Review

Hello my lovelies!!. So happy your here and I hope you enjoy my review!. But before we get into these beautiful highlighters I must thank all of you for the prayers, and love filled messages for my baby boy, Gabriel. The doctor assured us that he is cancer free and you know how good that makes me feel!. Gabriel is an angel from God, my precious, Mama’s love.

Star Crushed Minerals is an Indie brand, and you know how I adore Indie brands!. These highlighters took me by surprise, quality is just perfect. They all retail for 8.00 for 3 Grams of product, which comes in a 10 Gram, sifter included screw-on jar for convenient usage. They have a massive color selection of 43 as of today. I really love the color range!. I personally only purchased 5, recently, but you know I’ll be getting more!. They are not a bit patchy and they do not have that look of just “sitting” on top of your skin. Here are the colors I have.

Collage 2016-05-12 14_13_02

Collage 2016-05-12 14_16_16


Collage 2016-05-12 14_41_52.jpg


I am thankful for all of you, thank you for your sweet comments and support!!.

HERE Is where you can check out all they have to offer!. Until next time my friends,


Amber Morris.

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