Jordana Easyliner in Seagreen Swatch & Review

Hello my Dear Readers!.

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog, you know I adore you all!. Today I want to tell you about This Eyeliner from Jordana Cosmetics. If you are unfamiliar about this brand let me tell you a couple things. First of all they have a vast variety of products that you can purchase on their online shop, *link(s) at the end of this post they are known in the beauty world for having good products at a great price point that we can all afford. You can find some of their products at your local Walgreen’s but the selection will be limited.I have tried about a handful of what they have to offer and really, have not been completely let down so far. So far, my #1 pick HAS to be their Easy liner (for eyes) as they make a Easy liner for lips that I have not tried…..yet…LOL.

Okay, now let’s get this review going!. I wish I had picked up every, single, shade they have to offer!. I can only speak for the Sea green shade and for that i am sorry. In my local Walgreen’s they had 5 shades a black, brown, purple, white, and lastly, sea green and they retail for 2.99 each!. You do not have to sharpen these, they are twist up and I was pleasantly surprised just because I was not expecting that just based on the price, shame on me!. Here are a couple swatches.


I have tried 20 times to upload a picture of the tip of the eyeliner but for some odd reason it will not work!. This liner has a standard tip; nothing out of the ordinary so do not worry that it may be hard to use. I find that this is more of a emerald green myself, but nonetheless it lasted on my lower waterline all day long, and for the price that is a steal in my book with a creamy  formula. I hope you all have a great day and come see me again. Don’t forget Jordana’s website is below. ALSO!, I *at the moment* do not work with any cosmetic brands so this is not, NOR, any of the other links that I have provided in my blog posts are not affiliate links. If in the future i do post a link with a brand that has asked me to I will always, always, always tell you!.

Always, Amber Morris


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