Iviviiv Cosmetics (1675 Cosmetics) pigments

Hello my Dear Readers!. I hope you all know how much I adore you all and how very thankful  I am to have your support with all of my social media sites!. I hope you enjoy this review and you’ll come back to see me. Today I am reviewing three eye pigments from an independently owned line that truly is special. First let me tell you what the brand is all about!.

I was contacted by Iviviiv Cosmetics (AKA) 1675 Cosmetics, Owner and Creator, Samantha. The entire line is all natural. She started her brand on behalf of her passed away brother’s legacy. She believes that art and beauty make the world revolve around. She wants every makeup lover to feel comfortable and beautiful.

These loose natural pigments blew my mind, they are so good!. I love color!. the brighter, the better!. I am not your average eye shadow lover. I adore loose eye shadow, they really are not that messy if you take the time to carefully open and close, and don’t forget to tap off your brush into the container before you pack it onto your eyes. A tip, use them wet for even less fallout and a more vibrant look. I use and love Elf’s face setting mist to dampen my eye shadow brush, the regular one, not the illuminating kind!.

Here are some swatches 🙂




These loose pigments range in price 6.00- 8.00 and all come in a 5 gram jar. You can find everything she has to offer  HERE

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you very soon my loves.

Always your makeup junkie, Amber.


SYN Cosmetics Pigments and Glitter Review

Hello, my loves!. I hope you are all having a great week. I was recently introduced to this brand through Instagram and I am pumped about it because of the price point and wide selection of colors & finishes. I purchased 3 items simply because it was my first order and I just had to see the quality. I am impressed, that is for sure so let’s get to it!.

I purchased 1 of their glitters in the shade, Diamond Cut, which is a white glitter with silver, green, blue, and purple reflexes BEAUTIFUL!!. I have to say, glitter is HARD to photograph I must have taken 40 shots trying to capture all the colors and the camera sadly doesn’t give the best props to this shade as it so deserves. The first swatch will be over a normal eye shadow primer, not meant for glitter, just so you get an idea. The one I am using today is from Maybelline and it is their brand new smoothing primer that I just picked up recently.



2nd picture below is applied over Stargazer Cosmetics Glitter Fix Gel that I have used and loved for over a year.






The Glitter size is .004 which is awesome in my opinion, and all glitters are 5.99 unless of course a sale is going on. The “Sort of” downside is they do not tell you how much product is in the jar. You do get a generous amount, I was surprised actually, all 3 jars were filled to the top.

The first Pigment I will show you is called Flux. The fist picture will be a regular swatch over an eye primer and the second will be used wet for a more intense color payoff and for that I used Elf Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set which works well with every single loose shadow I have, no joke.

IMG_4746 (1)

IMG_4765 (1)


All pigments are 6.50, unless a sale is going on.

This shade is called Ruthless. This shade would be simply perfection on you Blue eyed ladies!. First swatch is over the Maybelline eye shadow base.


This time applied with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set



Well there you have it!. I hope you are excited to hear about this brand and if you have favorites from this line please, leave your suggestions in the comments; I would love to hear your thoughts!.  here is where you can purchase all SYN has to offer:)

Take care my readers and have a great rest of the week.

Your Beauty Lover Always, *Amber