Amphigory Cosmetics Review

Hello, my loves!. How was your weekend?. Mine was full of craziness, lots going on, but it was great!. I am SUPER excited about this review, because this is an Indie brand that I just found out about. Today I will be reviewing 6 items that they make and sell, but I FULLY plan on getting some other things to review for you lovelies :).

Amphigory Cosmetics is a small company in Lafayette, IN. Comprised of two people, Zevaluz and Pazuzu, husband and wife. They carry a variety of items!. From Cosmetics, Incense, Oils, Wigs, Hair Color, and Jewelry for ALL your beauty needs, and I LOVE that!.

Firstly is the Eye and Lip Primer I love that you can use this on both lips and eyes, so convenient. This gives you an even pale-skin-tone base color, which is especially useful for bright or dramatic eye / lip colors. Safe for eye and lip area. Be sure to use separate applicators for eye or lip area and no double dipping.   I used this product under every lip products and eyeshadow I tested for this review. I think that a primer (some) are life saviors when it comes to the application, wear time, and the color payoff is generally much better off as well. You get 3 grams in a pot, with a screw top lid for 10.70. This amount should last you awhile!. My eyelids are not especially oily, nor dry, just “normal” so I cant speak for those who have excessive oily eyelids.


I really love their Metallic high shimmer LL Cream lipstain I have 2 shades. The first is  EMBER. A beautiful, beautiful Orange, with Gold flecks of shimmer.


If you have yellow undertones to your complexion, this shade will be dynamite on you!. It is creamy, with a very slight minty scent that I find refreshing. This wore on my lips for about 6 hours. It wore off wonderfully ,with no patchiness what so ever. After the initial “shine” went away I was still left with an orange stain that did not look dry, unless of course, your lips are dry, then I would recommend that you exfoliate first. The selection of colors are amazing, I really love them all. There are 13 colors as of today to choose from and retail for, 10.50.

This next color is called, Emerald City  and as you may know green is my most loved color to use in makeup!.


I love this one just as much as the Ember shade. This also retails for 10.50.

The next Item is one of her single eyeshadows, which are called, Bold Effect eyeshadow  I have the shade, Habitat . This shadow is so buttery, not lacking in pigmentation at all!. I need every color (eventually). They come in 11 shades, as of today. You get a whopping 3Grams for 8.50!. Also, you will find a selection of Glitter Shadows, 9 total for now.

Amphigory, Shadow

The next two items I will be reviewing are the Matte lipsticks The first shade is, Fireside. A gorgeous Blood Red that took me by surprise!. There are 16 Shades to choose from, you get 4 Grams of product for $10.00. Both of the shades that I have are NON-DRYING I was so impressed!. They glide on smoothly, and wear off in about 6 hours, but in a nice, even way that I look for in a Matte formula that is really hard to come by. They have a very slight sweet smell, just the right amount in my book. Also as an added bonus, the tops of the lids are clear!. I love that touch!. Just make sure you store them away from direct sunlight, you don’t want to ruin that wonderful lipstick!.


The Black shade, in Black Widow, took me by surprise the most. I  have never worn a black lipstick in my life, but knew I had to have it!. It’s just so darn creamy and pigmented!. I highly recommend that you use some sort of lip liner or primer, like the one I mentioned above as a base, for the best wear time and to prevent feathering. Wear time is going to vary, depending on what you will be doing, just the same as others. I just love the formulation, and that’s what makes me want more!. I am sorry for the contrasting swatch, my camera just could not get focused correctly for whatever reason. I assure you this is a very intensely pigment-packed black, there is no question about that!.


I hope you have found this helpful and exciting if you’ve never heard of this brand before!. I thrive on supporting, and spreading the word on small Indie Brands that I feel deserve the attention. I am happy to share this with you!. Until next time, take care of one another and come back to see me.

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Sincerely Always, Amber Morris






New York Color Cosmetics (NYC) 3 item Review

Hello my Dear Readers!.

Today I have some exciting (new to me) wonderful drugstore finds. So much so that I have used all three items up completely, and I will never be without these items….unless of course they are very sadly discontinued.
NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara (Blackest Black); is a mascara that blew my socks off!. The curl and the volume lasts all day without flaking down onto my face and I did not have to scrub my eyeballs off to get this off.When I first opened the mascara the mega sized brush made me think it was not going to give me anything but massive, clumpy lashes. The brush took some getting used to and I think the best way to put this on without getting it all over your eyelids is to tilt your head up, while looking down with your eyes.You can get this at Walmart  for 4.47


NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer  When I read the claims of this wonderfully priced primer I honestly was thinking…..NO WAY but I just had to see if it holds up to them and they are as follows:

It makes the difference between a good complexion and an incredible complexion. This magic-maker transforms the texture of your skin, minimizing pores and providing a healthy, silky finish while reducing shine. Tired skin is revived and redness fades. Also is designed to even skin tones and reduce lines.Also formulated with vitamin E.

I have used the entire tube and I will get more. I did not get any blackheads, pimples, nothing bad from using it.This did create a smooth base on my dry skin and sank in fast with no oily, sticky, residue at all. It comes in a 1 fluid ounce squeeze tube at Walmart for 3.57


The last but not least is NYC Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain. Mine is in the shade Rock on Ruby. The claims are as follows:

Lasts up to 16 hours. Precise felt-tip applicator allows you to line and define your lips with precision, then fill in with color. The water-based formula provides a natural flush of color and build able coverage when layered to your desire. Wear alone or layer under your favorite gloss or lip stick.

This stayed put  all day no question about that and I love a good, long-lasting lip product that will not wear off unevenly, or make my lips drier than they were beforehand. I am amazed at how much I adore this. I wore this on its own without any other lip product over it for a day just to see how it wore. It did not get patchy, it wore off evenly but, still left my lips with a flush. Unless you do not like the matte lip look, or, your lips are chapped, you should like it just fine. For those of you that want to grab them even if your lips are on the drier side just wear a close in color regular or glossy lipstick on top.The downside is that they only have 4 shades at Walmart for 4.30Firefox_Screenshot_2015-09-03T16-27-32.015Z

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Thank you dearly for reading and following my blog!.  I will see you soon with another review…. more likely a full face makeup look!. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see next, it would be my pleasure!.

Your Cosmetic Lover Always,

Amber Morris.