Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme Review

Hello my dear readers!. Thank you for visiting me today, and everyday after because I do this all for you, I want to bring you posts on all things you are looking for an honest review on!. My next post will not be beauty related, it will be about who i am and where I come from, i hope you look forward to getting to know me on a more personal level!. 

I received this Grooming Creme in this months Allure Beauty Box that I just got in the mail 4 days ago. This is what the product looks like:



Claims of Product:

The dream creme for those who love to look polished, elegant and smooth but hate to work at it. A sublime blend of oils suspended in a silky creme that is the essence of simple elegance. Provides texture, separation, satin sheen, moisture, volume control, definition, ease.

Although I do agree that it does tame my frizz, that is ALL it does!. I honestly think that this product is way overpriced. I have semi-thick, straight, frizzy hair. If you really want a product that will take away your frizz you should read my review of this AMAZING drugstore find that i use and truly cannot live without!. https://amberloveseyes12.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/suave-anti-frizz-sleek-and-shine-cream-review/

Thank You so much for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!.

Your Makeup Lover, Amber

Melissa Autry Monthly subscription box review

Hello my dear readers, I hope you are all doing great and have some fun on the weekend.

Today I am showing you what I received in Melissa Autry new beauty bag. She is widely known in the You Tube community as *Melmphs knows makeup……. You can purchase this bag at http://www.reelstyle.co/ it is 15.00 for the bag, shipping is 4.95 as it ships from Canada.

You get 4 items in each bag ranging from hair things, eyeshadows, and lipstick from what I gather. So let’s take a look at what I got!.

This baked eyeshadow trio is nice.The lighter gold shade is not as buttery feeling as the other two but, still very pretty.Here are some swatches for you.

The next item were these comfy hair ties.i do like how these are made, they will probably not be as damaging to your hair like a normally made hair tie would. Here is what they look like.

Sea salt spray, something I have tried from several other brands and I love how they tend to make my hair look. I have not been able to use this, I will get back to you!.
And finally the hydrating lip balm. At first I just assumed that this was just a normal lip balm, as it says but when I opened it I was shocked to see that it was a bright red shade!. Oh my this is super creamy and has a sweet smell. Here is what she looks like.
Now here is my overall opinion. When you get your bag you are not given any type of card with the individual prices of the items which is because I amuse you cannot order these items individually on their website which is a bummer for me.
I am happy to support Melissa as she is someone I have been watching on You Tube for several years and I feel that she is a genuine woman with good values. I hope you have found this enjoyable to read.
Honestly always your makeup lover, Amber Morris.








How I wash and condition my hair

♥ Hello my dear readers, I hope you are all having a good day!.

When I did my post about the Full and Plush line from Garnier yesterday I should have gone into more detail on how I wash my hair with the two. You may be thinking I am crazy but I have found it really makes such a HUGE difference on the outcome of my hair, no matter which shampoo and conditioner you are using.

I get my hair wet with semi-warm water. I really work the shampoo into my hair, thoroughly, rubbing, and  letting it sit in my hair for at least 3 min. If you are using a shampoo that is made to give you volume, this sitting time really insures it does it’s job. I then rinse with semi-warm water again. I never use hot water because we all know it’s just bad to do. I then coat roots though the tips with my conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb and really make sure to get the product into every strand, let it sit for 5 min. *If you are using a conditioner made to give your hair volume then this step should not weigh your hair down.

I usually always wash my hair leaning over the bathtub, just so i do not have to feel the cold water on my body as I always rinse my hair with cold water. It really gives your hair a beautiful shine *and* if you color treat you hair this should also pro-long the time in which your color fades/bleeds. 

I hope you all have the same wonderful results as I have had. Thank you dearly for reading my post. Take care and please come back to see me!.

Your Beauty Lover, Amber Morris

John Frieda Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray


  • I received this sample in my Walmartbeautybox and was excited about using it. I am a blonde,semi-straight hair that is coarse and thick. Here are the claims on the product:
  • Creates or enhances natural waves, and increases grip and texture for a ropey, ripple effect that is fit for everyday beachy style
  • Sea-salt infused styling spray provides all over full body designed to deliver touchable texture
  • Provides a versatile look that can be worn with any hair length or texture and the refreshing summer scents evoke emotions of being at the beach

First of all this spray made my hair very soft, brush-able, smelled amazing, and did give me some texture as well. I have never used a spray designed to give texture to your hair while leaving it brush-able, all of the others gave me a hold like hairspray. I will repurchase this over and over again.

I hope you all have a good day, be safe and well. Your makeup lover always, Amber Morris.


Allure Beauty Box (July)

Hello my dear readers!.

I hope you are all doing well, thank you so much for visiting my blog!; I hope you enjoy this post.

Well Allure changed the name of their box this month, it is now The Beauty Box which I love!. Here is a overview of the box.


I am very excited to try this out, even though it is on the pricy side of heat protection it not only does that but it also claims to protect you hair from the damaging sun, AND protect you hair color. It is packed with good ingredients. This may be worth every penny!.

You are going to be reading a lot of,” I'm so excited to try this!”. Simply because this box is well….simply amazing!. Who doesn't want to try another setting spray for your makeup.


Well my oh my….I am super excited to try this little baby out!. But OUCH! that price for that amount!.

Dry shampoo, something I cannot live without. I have never used this one, but I have heard great, great things about Oscar Blandi, a favorite among so many.

I have never seen or heard of hair ties like these before. I love the concept of them!. If they hold my hair in place for the day you can bet I'll be stocking up on them.

Last but not least is this Mascara!. I have such high hopes for!.
The 15.00 you spend on this box is a STEAL and I am so so so thankful for. I love My Beauty Box. I hope you all have a great evening. Please, if you enjoy my blog PLEASE follow me, it would bring me such joy and truly make your daily/weekly visits overall a better experience. Sincerely Always, Amber Morris.