Pururth Cosmetics

Hello, lovelies!. I have been wanting to bring you this review for 6 weeks and I just kept having to push it to the back burner because well, life happens, and I’d rather put this special review up later than never. I hope that you enjoy this and find it useful.

This is a very new brand, just coming out. Truly natural and organic based skincare and makeup. Created by Professionals for professionals.  There is no website (YET) where you can purchase these items (BUT) if you follow on INSTAGRAM send  and I am thrilled to be doing this review. The owner is simply divine and she sent me these items specifically to review and I am honored to do so.



This is the Eyeshadow in Artic White Silver Sparkle. This so darn pretty!. Formula is wonderful, everything you would want in a loose, all-natural shadow.


Ocean Beaches Eyeshadow is a very nice, cool-toned light brown. This is a great crease shade, also works great for brows!.


This Cattail Brown shadow is a beautiful warm-toned medium brown. All of these loose, natural, shadows are made perfectly, seriously!.


Here is Copper Line, and just look at her!. WOW!, what a beauty she is to behold.


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you know that green is my most loved color. She is a pressed shadow, that I swatched without a primer and let me tell you, it feels like silk.


This Cheek and Lip Tint is so nice. It’s pigmented, creamy, and wears nicely. I have the shade, Pink Frost.

This small blue spray bottle had her Bulgarian Rose facial spray in it, which I used up in like 4 days because I loved it so much and I need more.

The last item is her Vixen, Face powder. This is a GEM in my opinion. It is translucent in color, yet somehow gives a soft-focus look to the skin. There is no point in photographing this powder because the camera WILL NOT show how it looks, on my skin, in natural light. Everyone has their own preference on loose face powders and sadly, the only way to know if a powder is going to work for your skin type is to put it on. I will not use a face product, and go use photo editing software to just make it seem like my face is flawless, hence why I have no picture. The powder is SERIOUSLY softer, and more finely milled than ANY other powder I’ve ever touched. According to the information I found in the description box, on the Instagram page, this is created using minerals sourced from Europe!!!!!!.

Well, that’s all for today, my dear followers. I hope you all have a great rest of your week. Be happy, be safe, be thoughtful, be grateful, be honest, be loving.

Sincerely Always, Amber Morris.



Stargazer Loose Powder in Natural shimmer

Hello Everyone, my dear readers!. The last blog post I wrote was telling everyone that my baby boy, Gabriel was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. It has been a long, emotional, journey filled with prayer, tears, hope, sadness, and now our little angel is CANCER FREE!!!; Praise you Jesus, Lord Almighty.

Now what I am writing about today. I placed an online order on Stargazer’s website not to long ago. I reviewed many of the items on their world-wide website which is, https://www.stargazer-products.com/ and also on my Instagram page which is; https://instagram.com/amberloveseyes12/

I just absoutly love their White loose powder for setting my under-eye area, and the Natural shimmer one is just a perfect, adult-shimmer/highlighter that has replaced so many others I have!. I found it useless to upload pictures because justice is just not done. The white loose is great for brightening under your eyes, no shimmer or glitter in this beautiful powder. I think Stargazer Cosmetics is a great company that offers good-quality makeup and you cant complain about pricing because everything is reasonable!. I hope this post was helpful. Take care everyone:). Remember everyday is a gift, let all the negative things that come your way roll off your back. Live, Love, Laugh, Have Hope, Prayers are purifying!. Your Beauty Lover* Amber Morris