Review of Winter Remix the Young Wild and Polished Collab with Glisten&Glow

Hello my Loves!. I have an exciting review for you today!. If you are not familiar with Nicole, from Young, Wild, and Polished on You tube, you should REALLY go check her out. She is honest, and funny.This review is not sponsored, I bought these 4 polishes with my own money, and in fact I have never even talked to Nicole personally even though I have been subscribed to her channel for years!.

She did a collaboration with Glisten&Glow; a well-known Indie brand on Instagram. The owner is Jill and she is super sweet!. All four of these colors and unique, and beautiful. The formula is spot-on, and fully opaque. You can get away with 1 coat with every shade but I do 2 out of habit and for a longer wear time. You can order them separately if you choose, or you can get the bundle for a cheaper price. Before I give you all the details on that here are some pictures!.




So besides my nail polishing skills, I will get better I promise!. Its a working progress. To be honest with you and I REALLY hope you do not blame these wonderful polishes here but painting nails is new to me!. My Mom never had it in the house when I was growing up and that’s just how it was. Anyways; starting from the pinkie nail we have, Dukeberry  which is a purple I’ve never seen before, also Nicole has a dog named Duke, who is a  White Chihuahua, he is adorable!. I have to tell you again, the formula on every polish is simply a joy to apply!. Ring finger shade is OG Snowman a beautiful gray, but not gray shade:). Middle finger is Frosty Camel, this shade is special, it’s one of a kind in my book. To understand the naming behind this one you will have to watch Nicole in all her glory, and in (almost) every video she references her lovely camel, and she makes me laugh so hard!:). Index finger is Topaz’s Cabin this is (probably) my favorite; a deep smokey gray in my eyes. When Topaz comes out in a video, it’s a sight to see!, so free-kin’ funny!.

You can get these beauties HERE All 4 for 28.00. Or individually @ 7.25 per polish. I have had these colors on for 6 days with no chipping. I always have used Glisten&Glow HK Girl topcoat, I have been through at least 3 bottles of it. What I am saying is I do not know how long these polishes will wear if you are not using a good topcoat.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. I thank you all so very much for your kind words, and for finding it worth your while to spend some time on my blog that I love!!!. I appreciate you all xoxo ~Amber Morris



Mini Sephora Haul

Hello my dear readers!. I hope you are all well!. So today is an exciting day for me simply because I received my very first, EVER! Sephora package. In which I purchased all things myself:).


I have used Too Faced Shadow Insurance in the past and it is BY FAR!! the most wonderful primer for eye shadow, worth the 20.00. No joke, you only need the SMALLEST dot for each eyelid. This alone will make a MAJOR improvement!. HERE is where you can find it:).

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is a highly coveted treatment for the worst cases of dry lips. I bit the harsh bullet of paying 26.00 for this and I have a feeling, a real good feeling that I will not EVER be without this. HERE is where you can read all about it and purchase this!.

I have heard so many Beauty Junkies *like myself rave about the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. I purchased shade 04, Coral Crush, which I have linked, HERE

Tokyo Milk is also a brand you will hear about when searching for a highly rated lip treatment/balm product. The price is great at 7.00!. Linked, HERE

Last, but not least is a widely, loved Nail Polish brand, Nails Inc. The shade I picked up was in the Sales section for 8.00, other wise the non-sale choices range in price 4.00-15.00. Nearly every shade received a 5- star rating among nail polish lovers!. HERE is where you can find the one I picked!.

Thank you all for reading this post. I hope you found it interesting and helpful!. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever want to ask me something, request anything!. I am on Instagram, Amberloveseyes12, in which I post nearly everyday :). I also have a You tube channel. I have about 10-11 video’s in which I will be making more beauty related video’s in this coming month that I am super excited for. I will be going to Best Buy to purchase a new camera so I can produce the best quality of video because YOU DESERVE a clear video that you will actually enjoy watching.

Until next time my Lovelies!,

*Amber Morris



SYN Cosmetics Pigments and Glitter Review

Hello, my loves!. I hope you are all having a great week. I was recently introduced to this brand through Instagram and I am pumped about it because of the price point and wide selection of colors & finishes. I purchased 3 items simply because it was my first order and I just had to see the quality. I am impressed, that is for sure so let’s get to it!.

I purchased 1 of their glitters in the shade, Diamond Cut, which is a white glitter with silver, green, blue, and purple reflexes BEAUTIFUL!!. I have to say, glitter is HARD to photograph I must have taken 40 shots trying to capture all the colors and the camera sadly doesn’t give the best props to this shade as it so deserves. The first swatch will be over a normal eye shadow primer, not meant for glitter, just so you get an idea. The one I am using today is from Maybelline and it is their brand new smoothing primer that I just picked up recently.



2nd picture below is applied over Stargazer Cosmetics Glitter Fix Gel that I have used and loved for over a year.






The Glitter size is .004 which is awesome in my opinion, and all glitters are 5.99 unless of course a sale is going on. The “Sort of” downside is they do not tell you how much product is in the jar. You do get a generous amount, I was surprised actually, all 3 jars were filled to the top.

The first Pigment I will show you is called Flux. The fist picture will be a regular swatch over an eye primer and the second will be used wet for a more intense color payoff and for that I used Elf Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set which works well with every single loose shadow I have, no joke.

IMG_4746 (1)

IMG_4765 (1)


All pigments are 6.50, unless a sale is going on.

This shade is called Ruthless. This shade would be simply perfection on you Blue eyed ladies!. First swatch is over the Maybelline eye shadow base.


This time applied with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set



Well there you have it!. I hope you are excited to hear about this brand and if you have favorites from this line please, leave your suggestions in the comments; I would love to hear your thoughts!.  here is where you can purchase all SYN has to offer:)

Take care my readers and have a great rest of the week.

Your Beauty Lover Always, *Amber




OZ NaturalsUltra Ageless Eye Creme Review

Hello my lovelies, my readers who I appreciate so much! I pray your Holiday, MERRY CHRISTMAS, or which ever you celebrate was filled with prayers, love, happiness, all are safe and thankful for this short life we are blessed to have.

P.S. The link above is where you can purchase this Eye Creme!. It is not an affiliate link, I do not get paid for this by any means. I am registered with Brand backer which does give me a chance to review products. It is not guaranteed at all that you will be chosen to review anything, just a small chance!.

As you know I have tried more skincare items from OZ Naturals than any other brand I can think of and it’s for good reason(s).

  1.  They are an affordable brand
  2. They use proven ingredients
  3. Every single item they produce is darn close to being 100% natural

Here is what the product looks like:)

The texture is like a lotion, which i love. It absorbed pretty much instantly which is nice as well  This creme has brightened up my complexion which is a plus in my book. The Ingredient list is impressive and here is what you can expect to find when you get yours.

  • Matrixyl Synthe’ 6 – Fills in wrinkles from the inside both on the forehead and the crow’s feet for a visibly smoother and plumper skin. Thanks to its matrikine–like effect, it stimulates 6 major constituents of the skin,  the dermal–epidermal. Studies demonstrated that, after 2 months, the forehead and crow’s feet wrinkles are visibly smoothed from the inside of the skin. Many parameters demonstrated this smoothing effect (wrinkle volume, depth, surface…) and more particularly the lifting effect and the wrinkle spread.
  • Astaxanthin- The compound’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative capabilities, evidence indicates that astaxanthin has the potential to modulate aging. Oxidative stress is believed to be a principal mechanism of aging so the enhancement of anti-oxidative protection and the inhibition of free radical production are biological pathways that may protect against oxidative damage, mitigating risk for aging and has been proven in a 2011 review highlights promising aging-related outcomes in astaxanthin-related clinical trials.
  • Coffee Seed Extract-  It is proven effective to neutralize the purple effect of circles beneath your eyes thanks to caffeine and vitamin K. More so if your darkness and puffiness is triggered  by stress and insufficient proper sleep.
  • Algae Extract- Algae extract is rich in vitamins and trace elements. It helps in rebalancing the skin’s moisture content while protecting, stimulating, and nourishing the skin. It is an active substance, which normalizes the skin’s moisture content and provides suppleness to the epidermis. Also has an anti-inflammatory action, very effective in reducing wrinkles. It has powerful antioxidant properties. It brings about an immediate skin-tightening effect and also long-term anti-wrinkling effect by protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and strengthening the skin’s connective tissue by stimulating collagen synthesis and renewal of tissue cells.
  • Carrot Root Extract-  Is another way of treating your skin right. The presence of Beta carotene and vitamin A helps to keep your skin alive. It maintains the elasticity of the skin which happens to sag at one point or the other. These oils have been used quite regularly in many skin care products. It protects the sun damaged and wrinkled skin. It keeps the skin firmer and more radiant due to its anti-aging properties.
  • Vitamin E- In this case also called; Tocopherol- It performs its functions as antioxidant and it protects cell membranes from oxidation.

I am glad to have this in my daily skincare Regimen and will continue to purchase this. I hope you have found my review helpful. Please come back to see me again and please, tell your friends and family about my little blog that I love so much!.

Your Beauty Lover,

Amber Morris:)

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Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish Review

Hello My Dear’s!!. I hope you are all doing well. I love this time of the year when the weather is cooler, yes!, even here in Florida. Thanksgiving was wonderful and Christmas is truly my most favorite time of the year. We all have so much to be thankful for. Your support, all your comments, and kindness truly touches me!. I am thankful for all of you.

So A little story on how I found this polish. November 5th was My Husband’s and I  12th Wedding Anniversary so we went out on the town. Kmart was one of the places we went to and you know what I wanted to look at!. One because I had not been into that Kmart in about 2 years and I don’t think I had ever looked at their cosmetic section!!. I found the usual brands that you would find at your local Walmart. I had never seen nor knew that the Kiss brand had came out with their own formula of Gel Polish and so I picked one, sadly they were very picked through. Green is my favorite color and they had one left:). 

Oh I am so impressed with the formulation of this little gem!. I went to my local Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, and CVS with no luck at all on finding ANY!. I will have to make the 1 hour trip back to that K-mart or go to the Kiss website to try an order more. Here are some pictures for you.

The formula isn’t the only great thing (in my opinion). The width of the brush is nice and it’s not a bit flimsy. Here on my thumb I applied 2 easy coats. I tested this without a base, or call me crazy, a topcoat to see how this 2.99 polish held up. I am a stay at home Mama to 3. I do dishes, I clean, I fix things, sometimes (UN)fix things!!. I do normally wear gloves before doing the dishes but with that said it wore for 7 days without changing!!. I was desperate to find this online so it was more accessible to everyone. Kiss does have their own online store where you can purchase several items from their line, here ya go, Kiss Store

Take care my Lovelies. I’ll be seeing ya soon! .Thank you for visiting my little piece of the world wide web.

*Amber Morris*.

Clarria Cosmetics Foundation Review

Hello Everyone!. I hope you are having a great work week. Before I get into the review, I need you to know that I purchased this makeup myself and I would NEVER EVER accept payment for ANY product review from ANY company!. Now that that is out of the way let get on to it!.

I was contacted by Clarria Cosmetics informing me that I would be part of their Beauty Blogger program and receive coupon codes for myself, and YOU!, my readers, that mean so much. I am thrilled that they are offering these codes and I feel blessed that they want me on their team!.

I purchased the Lucky 7 Foundation Sample Set so I could show you what each shade looks like. Each little pot contains .25 ounce, with a price tag of 45.00,but, with your coupon code I will be listing you can get 15% off. I DO NOT receive payment for your using this code!.  Here is the general information that is listed in the description.

  • Full Coverage
  • 7 Different Flawless Foundation Shades
  • Matte Finish
  • All Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • SPF
  • Fragrance Free
  • Water/Aqua
    Aloe Barbadensis
    Leaf Juice*
    Glycol Stearate
    Glycerin Stearic
    Acid Carnauba
    Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax*
    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*
    Sodium Hyaluronate
    Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
    May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)
    Mica (CI 77019) Black Iron Oxide (CI 77491)
    Red Iron Oxide (CI 77492)
    Yellow Iron Oxide ( CI 77499)
    *Certified Organic

I hope that wasn’t too much information, but I wanted to list everything just in case some of you wanted to know before checking it out on their site. So they claim it has an SPF but it is nowhere listed how high the number is, which is important I think. So here are all of the swatches.


As you can tell the Lightest shade pretty much blends evenly with my skin, a perfect match for my face as well. The 2nd shade is very yellow toned, 3rd is lighter than the 2nd and more neutral in tone, 4th is like a “Creamy Natural” in my opinion. Then you have the three darkest shades. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigment in each shade, and the ease of blending. There is no scent at all which i think is great!. My skin is slightly dry, never oily, so I can’t speak for your oily skin gals. I do not think that this foundation has a “true matte” finish, it’s not dewy, it’s really just what I call a neutral finish. I have worn this I would say 6 different days and I still have a few uses leftover. Unless you have some acne scarring, very dark sunspots, you should find that a little dime sized amount will completely even out your canvas!.

Picture 22

I very much like how this goes on, and how it feels as if I’m not wearing anything, and it stays looking fresh, all day, everyday I wore it.

Clarria Cosmetics is a Brand spanking new brand so as of right now they only have this sample set along with a full sized bottle of foundation, same formula, just a larger bottle. They will eventually offer a full range of cosmetics. I truly hope you have found this review helpful and that you enjoyed reading.

If you are interested in placing an order here is your 15% off code: clarria15 and here is their site: Clarria Cosmetics

Thank you for spending some time with me. Take care until next time my Loves!.

Your Beauty Lover, Amber.