Produts I’m using

Hello there dear, I hope you are doing well.

It’s hard for me to believe that my children go back to school next week, saying summertime flew by is an understatement; I blinked and now it’s over.

Honest to goodness all three still enjoy school.

Joshua, my oldest is going into 8th, Gabriel in 6th, Autumn in 1st.

Maybe it is because I have homeschooled them more than theyve been in public school and they were all very excited to go, hence why I made the hard desicion to go ahead and go for it, I knew it would be beneficial for them socially and would help them grow,” It takes a village”.

The picture below is showing my new haircolor, and I’m loving it!. It is from Garnier, light cool denim is the shade which showed up a bit darker than expected. I don’t know if you know this but I’ve never found a foundation, BB, or CC cream that doesnt make me look 60 years old and that is the only reason I dont wear one. It really shows that everyones skin is different from one another.

So I’ve been mixing Pearl powder with Micronized Silk powder I buy from TKB Trading and using it as a treatment because they are loaded with amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, even a bit of spf.

The thing is, is I have dry skin, possiably dehydrated as well and these powders do me no favors as far as hiding my dry patches, but I’m hoping with continued use that it may help.

On my brows I used It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil, not a favorite it does not last on skin long even if I use a powder over top. I have very little brow hairs this may adhere better to full, beautiful brows and as a bonus it claims to be loaded with skin-loving ingredients.

As for the Ice roller and Microneedle roller, I will not have a clear impression for a couple weeks as skincare takes time. I was sent these items for reviewing and I am happy to do so with no charge, I refuse to lie to you about anything.

Until next time take care of yourself, cherish your life, family, and friends.

All my best,

Xo, Amber,


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