Scratch of Sweden Nail Polish Review

I was sent these polishes for reviewing purposes. I know you understand I thrive on being able to review all the beautiful things I love. I hope you know how grateful I am, and how serious I take my job. With that being said let’s get onto the review.

The formula is very nice on all 3 shades.

  • Went on smooth with and without using the pictured base/top coat
  • Was not streaky
  • No air bubbles
  • No harsh smell
  • All 3 dried within 3 min of application
  • All 3 polishes wore 6 days before chipping

I tested this polish using the base and top coat first to see how long it lasted. Then I tested without using the base and topcoat, they all wore and applied exactly the same; I do not think it is necessary to use.

** Of course I do shower every day and do dishes among other household chores that a stay at home mother of three does. I always wear gloves when I have my hands in water witch helps.

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