Hello lovelies,

Thank you for reading this review. Christmas is right around the corner and let me tell ya, having 3 children makes Christmas time even more special. We have been crafting our too-shies off and we love it, even my oldest, Joshua who will be 14 on the 23rd; WOW how time goes by in the blink of an eye. I am wishing you the very merriest of holiday, whichever you celebrate, for us it’s Christmas, and the safest New Years.

I’ve never heard anyone review these lipsticks I’m talking about today and I’m lucky that my husband saw these and kindly picked them up for me. They are from the brand Broadway Color and he found these 3 at our local Dollar Store for 3.00 a piece.

These lippies are smooth going on, no weird smell, very pigmented, satin finish (not matte) and lasted a surprisingly long time for a lipstick.

Please don’t just walk by these babies if you ever find them. I know they are labeled as matte lipstick and the 3 I own are not at all, cannot speak for the other shades. I quickly realized how much I had missed using a regular lipstick because lately I’ve been using stains. The fact of the matter is is that my lips need a break and lipstick is not a pain in the butt to reapply.

I am thankful for you. I’ll speak to you again soon. In the meantime take care of yourself, please don’t text and drive, life is fleeting, live fully and love wholeheartedly.




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