Review, Raw Elements eco-formula lotion tube SPF 30

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I did not know I was receiving this sunscreen in the mail. Raw Elements told me they were sending me something but didn't say what it was I am not being paid to do this review.

I live in the sunshine State which is Florida. Sunscreen is a daily ritual for me and it should be for you too. My go to sunscreen is Cotz sensitive sunscreen which is 100% free of chemicals, preservatives, and oil's.

The following ingredients are listed in this order-

1. Non-nano zinc oxide 23%:
It sits on top of the skin scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA and UVB rays.
Zinc is the safest and most effective active sunscreen ingredient.

2. Organic sunflower seed oil:
There are three different types of sunflower seed oil.
high oleic acid
mid oleic acid
linoleic acid.
The difference between the three is a result of the balance between polyunsaturated and monounsaturated saturated fats.
The problem is that there is no way to find out which acid it is primarily made up of.

3. Organic hemp seed oil:
Good to use on aging skin, it is a gamma linoleic acid, which is a good choice for acne prone skin. It is good at treating inflammation, rich in antioxidants vitamins E, A, and D.

4. Organic Green and Black tea:
Black tea is known to treat razor bumps, itchy red skin because of the tannins which go to work right away and provide immediate relief. It has vitamins B-2, C, and E.
Minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc.
Green tea reduces inflammation, soothes psoriasis and rosacea.

5. Organic coffee oil:
High in fatty acids, sterols, and vitamin E.
The issue is it doesn't say what oil the coffee was soaked in. That is a make or break decision for most people if you know how your skin reacts to certain oils.

6. Organic cocoa butter:
According to research this is highly pore clogging.

7.Natural mango butter:
High in palmitic acid which will temporarily soften the skin but tends to clog pores.

8. Organic beeswax:
According to research this will not clog the skin. It will hold it moisture in your skin and reduce dryness. High in vitamin a, and gives the product a smooth creamy texture.

9. Candelilla wax:
Extracted from Euphorbia cerifera shrub. Binds ingredients together. Rich in nutrients and is easily absorbed into the skin.

10. Rosemary oil extract:
Knowing to strengthen your capillaries and stimulate biological activity to reduce fine lines. Rich in calcium and antioxidants. It also works as a disinfectant with antibiotic properties, treats acne and lightens dark spots.
Some people say it reduces puffiness, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

11. Natural vitamin E:
There are two types of vitamin E, natural and unnatural.
To make the unnatural they take the natural and add an acid to it.
The unnatural name is Tocopheryl Acetate. The acetate comes about when the vitamin E is mixed with Acetic acid which is the main component of vinegar and will irritate your skin.

12. Natural iron oxides

You get a 3 ounce tube for 18.99
Hence the picture I inserted at the bottom of the post. The tube books halfway empty, it came that way!.
On their Website

So far, only two reviews have been left both saying they enjoyed this sunscreen.

I'm going to insert some pictures so you can see the texture of this. It is extremely thick and I found it impossible to fully blend into my skin.

I hope you have found this review helpful. Take care of yourself 🤗.


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