Leven Rose Rosehip Oil Review

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are having a pleasant week. Leven Rose was kind enough to send me a surprise bottle of their oil and I am thankful. In some of my previous posts I have briefly touched on oils high in oleic acid; if you find yourself breaking out, then use oils high in linoleic acid which is exactly why I was so excited to try this oil. My pores clog easily and Rose hip oil is great for sensitive, acne prone skin.

Rose hip Oil is made from the seeds of a wild rose-bush from Chile, which is more like a shrub, and very different from the roses you get for special occasions.  Rose hips are cultivated in the mountains of Chile, where they are grown free of pesticides and fertilizers to the keep the plants 100% organic.
Immediately after harvesting, the seeds are removed, and are cold pressed.

Cold pressing of the seeds keeps the oil in its purest form, leaving all of the essential components of the oil intact and undisturbed.



This oil is known to reduce, even completely rid your face of dark spots caused by the sun and fight against wrinkles. I love this oil!.

Leven Rose has a ginormous selection when it come to facial/body/hair treatment oils, even for beard health. The quality and price are superb which has been hard for me to personally come by.  4 oz. 20.97 here.

I hope you found this review helpful. Please, talk to me in the comments!, lets share with one another or even send me an email @ amberloveseyes12@gmail.com

I’ll be seeing ya,





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