Sheet Masks & Eyemask​ review from Skin 18

Hello, My Lovelies!. How are you doing?. All is well here rest assure that.  These face masks came from Skin 18; a company in which sent me these products to review because I signed up. I will never lie to you about any product. I am not being paid for this review or any other reviews that may come in the future. I hope you find these reviews helpful, do not hesitate to ask me anything in the comments.

LUKE Total Skin Solution Hydrogel Eye PatchIMG_9484

Cost: 1.90 on the Skin18 Website

Claims to help with wrinkles, moisture, and aids in elasticity. These Eye Patches are formulated with Collagen, Vitamin E and A, Aloe Vera, chamomile & kelp extract, Q-10 (for elasticity), and lastly, hydrogel (inhances moisture in the skin). I saw the slighest difference, only lasted an hour though. They felt nice, did not burn or tingle, no scent. Other than the ingredients I listed above, there were no ingredient list on the Skin 18 Website. These come at a great price and who knows? it may work on all the claimed issues if you continue to use them.


Next we have a mask from the brand SOC. Called the 3-D Face Mask Pack in Rice Wine, in which is for nourishing and firming the skin.



Oh how I LOVED this mask and I’ll be getting more. My skin was soft and gave me a glow as well. I’ll tell ya, reviewing Sheet Masks is a bit tricky, because you either like them or REALLY not like them. Most of the time you have to use whichever mask you are using over and over to see and keep the skin loving benefits permantly.  The ingredients are listed on the Skin18 Website and here they are:

Water, Glycerin, Butylene glycol, a chemical compound ,a colorless organic alcohol used as a solvent,helps other products dissolve in water, as a viscosity-decreasing agent, to thin creams and gels so they’re easier to use, and as a conditioning agent. Hydrolyzed collagen is composed of small amino acids, which help form new collagen in the body. Sodium Hyaluronate, has the ability to penetrate skin and hold onto water makes it a popular ingredient in moisturizers, eye creams, facial cleansers, skin repair creams and other anti-aging skin care products. Rice Ferment Filtrate (sake)Skin-Conditioning Agent, it inhibits pigmentation and works as a skin lightener, lightening spots and creating an overall lighter skin tone. Aloe leaf extract , Folic acid, PEG-PPG-18/4 which is a solvant, Polysorbate-20,  is used in cosmetics and skin care products as a surfactant, and  emulsifier;  serves as a dispersing agent to mix oil and water. Propylene glycol provides lipstick with its consistent texture, preserves the homogenous constituency of body lotions containing both oil and water, maintains the long-term fragrance of perfumes,  hand, body and facial moisturisers, and sunscreen products. Glyceryl Acrylatehumectant viscosity Controlling,  a multi-functional ingredient. Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Used as film former, emulsifier, and thickener in cosmetics, is a synthetic polymer used as a binder and film-former in dyes, adhesives and recently, skin creams. PVM/MA Copolymer, functions as binders, film formers and hair fixatives, to function as emulsion stabilizers and suspending agents – nonsurfactant. Hydroxyethylcellulose is a modified cellulose polymer; used as a gelling and thickening agent. Disodium EDTA, Cosmetic manufacturers frequently use this ingredient for a variety purposes. It primarily works as a preservative, chelator and stabilizer, but has also been shown to enhance the foaming and cleaning capabilities of a cosmetic solution. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP) , is specifically produced for use as a stabilized source of vitamin C in cosmetic products. Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, is a widely used anti-inflammatory agent isolated from the licorice root.  Phenoxyethanol, is a preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products.  Allantoin, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate).  Methylparaben, is an anti-fungal agent often used in a variety of cosmetics and personal-care products.

This next Mask is from the brand Mirum and its the Fresh Fruit Avocado Mask.

Cost on the Skin18 Website: 1.40



I use Avocado all the time, I mash one up and slather it all over my face and let it sit for as long as I can take it and I love it. I couldnt figure out why after 2 minutes of this mask being on my face it started to burn, it really burned!. I took it off and went on a ingredient search to figure out why…………I still do not know why it burns my skin. Here are the ingredients high on the list:

Butylene Glycol, easily penetrates skin and weaken protein and cellular structure, can cause skin irritation, dermatitis and hives from too many mast skin cells.  Repeated exposure may also lead to sensitivity or skin allergies. Carbomer, distribute or suspend an insoluble solid in a liquid. They are also used to keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components. Carbomers are often used to control the consistency and flow of cosmetics and personal care products. Disodium EDTA, Cosmetic manufacturers frequently use this ingredient for a variety purposes. It primarily works as a preservative, chelator and stabilizer, but has also been shown to enhance the foaming and cleaning capabilities of a cosmetic solution. Allantoin, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate).  Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, is a widely used anti-inflammatory agent isolated from the licorice root. Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Multifunctional agent that can be used as emulsifier, surfactant and solubilizer. Useful also as foam booster and solubilizer of extracts, perfumes and vitamins. Avocade Extract,(500ppm) .

Lastly, NOT leastly I have a mask from the brand SOC Animal Cutie Anti Wrinkle Collagen Tiger.

Cost on the Skin18 Website: 1.50




I very much loved this mask. For me, when I use a mask, my skin just ends up looking plumper, and appears to be giving off light. As I said before, most masks you use tend not to have long term benefits unless used regulary, but, I love masking it just feels so darn good.

The details on this mask are very clear on the Skin18 store website and here they are.

Has mineral rich Alpine Ice Water and Collagen This mask has 6 different kinds of extracts to help with your skins vitality and elasticity. Glacier water, Niacinamide, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Jania rubens extract, extract of the seaweed, cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning, Mineral water, Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract is classified as skin conditioning emollient. Rice Extract, great for adjusting skin tone.

I hope you have found this review helpful. Please dont hesisate to contact me with any questions, or just want to talk to someone.

Always your Beauty Lover,

Amber Morris.







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