Royal Care Cosmetics Gel Liner Review

Hello my loves!. I hope you are all having a great weekend!. Life is so good isn’t it?. We started our garden this past week, and  I  re-arranged my beauty room. My boys, Joshua and Gabriel have been out of school for Spring Break and I’ve enjoyed having them home, they are great little helpers!. Well now onto what you came here for!, but, a quick question; Leave me a comment and let me know, do you want to hear little stories about my life?.

I purchased these Gel liners about a month or longer ago on their website. I have not found Royal Care Cosmetics products in any store I am pretty sure it is an online only store, which is fine with me because you can safely check out with PayPal. Here are the 3 colors I bought, but I fully intend on getting them all, one day!.


These truly hold up to their claims!. These will not move an inch until you remove them.The only issue I have is with the website, in choosing the colors, there is no picture of the shade when choosing shades, only a number and the amount you want. I had to go to google and type in the shade number, to look at images of said color!.  I love everything about these, you will too!.

Ok now this is what I am going to do if you are interested in these. Below I am going to write the number and shade. Screen shot them to help you when choosing the colors you want.

Color #1 is snowflake Not a true white, it’s off white.

#2- Midnight Black

#3- Royal Blue

#4- Light Green Glitter

#5- Dark Midnight Blue

#6- Gold

#7-  True Red

#8-  Deep Maroon Red

#9- True White

#10- Gray Glitter

#11- Chocolate Brown

#12-  Moss Green

#13- Pale purple with a blue shift

#14-  Silver Glitter

#15- Peach Glitter

#16-  Light Shamrock green, glitter

#17-  Light Brown, glitter

#18- Black Glitter

#19- Camel Brown

#20-  Dark Chocolate Brown

#21- Sea Foam Green

#22- Ice Blue

#23-  Light Gold Glitter

#24- Green/Gold Glitter

#25- Mustard Yellow

#26-  Light Pink

#27- Lime green

#28- Hot Pink

#29- Pale Lavender

#30-  Royal Purple

You can find them HERE

I hope you have found my review helpful. Thank you for spending time on my blog!. Please don’t forget to follow me on my other social media sites, where the beauty fun is never-ending. Here is a list for you,


I’ll be seeing ya!. ~Amber Morris.



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