Wet N Wild pencil Eyeliner in white Review

Hello and Happy Friday to everyone. I hope you have a safe, fun weekend!.

Recently (within 2 months), Wet N Wild reformulated their pencil eye liners for the eyes. Before, they were not pigmented nor creamy, in my opinion. At 1.99 each at my local Walmart  they are a steal. I adore…..adore! white eyeliner. I use it in my waterline pretty much every time I put eye shadow on because it opens up my eyes. So as you can tell I picked up the white shade because I think a good, pencil, white eye liner is hard to come by.

The pigmentation, smoothness, and longevity is better. It wore in my waterline for about 9 hours, longer if you set it with a matte, white eye shadow. If you have allergy prone eyes I am sure this would not last long because they are not waterproof. I also like using this pencil liner after I apply my eye shadow primer for a nice, white canvas. 

Here are a couple swatches,



As you can see, I have used this liner a ton. I enjoy the new formula!. Way to go Wet N Wild! (as if they even know I exist LOL).

Well I think that about covers it for this review. I hope this has been helpful. Thank you all for visiting my blog, I love you all!.

Always, Amber Morris.


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