Review on Rimmel London scandal-eyes eye pencils

Hello my dear readers I am so glad you have come to look at my blog it means so very much to me!.

So I picked up these waterproof eyeshadow pencils from Walmart a week ago, though they are not so new I had to see if they lived up to their waterproof claim, and they do!!. I should have guessed it because all the shades were dramatically picked through and I was only able to get the two I am showing you now. They were only 3.99 at Walmart, I know right?. They had a wide variety of shades, shown on a card that hung on the isle, brights, & neutrals, and I will hopefully be able to get them all (if they stock more). Here are some pictures for you.

The shade on the top is Bad Girl Bronze, simply beautiful it has tiny gold flecks throughout and it would really make your blue eyes POP!. I’ll tell ya, once these dry down they ain’t going anywhere until you use your makeup remover and I love that, isn’t that what we all want?.

The shade below is Trespassing Taupe this even works beautifully as a brow filler for my brows, just use a small angled brush and there you have a 3.99 waterproof brow product!.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, I hope you have found this review helpful. Always your makeup lover, Amber Morris.





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