Allure Beauty Box (July)

Hello my dear readers!.

I hope you are all doing well, thank you so much for visiting my blog!; I hope you enjoy this post.

Well Allure changed the name of their box this month, it is now The Beauty Box which I love!. Here is a overview of the box.


I am very excited to try this out, even though it is on the pricy side of heat protection it not only does that but it also claims to protect you hair from the damaging sun, AND protect you hair color. It is packed with good ingredients. This may be worth every penny!.

You are going to be reading a lot of,” I'm so excited to try this!”. Simply because this box is well….simply amazing!. Who doesn't want to try another setting spray for your makeup.


Well my oh my….I am super excited to try this little baby out!. But OUCH! that price for that amount!.

Dry shampoo, something I cannot live without. I have never used this one, but I have heard great, great things about Oscar Blandi, a favorite among so many.

I have never seen or heard of hair ties like these before. I love the concept of them!. If they hold my hair in place for the day you can bet I'll be stocking up on them.

Last but not least is this Mascara!. I have such high hopes for!.
The 15.00 you spend on this box is a STEAL and I am so so so thankful for. I love My Beauty Box. I hope you all have a great evening. Please, if you enjoy my blog PLEASE follow me, it would bring me such joy and truly make your daily/weekly visits overall a better experience. Sincerely Always, Amber Morris.



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