Beauty Bar Baby Cosmetics review

Hello my dear readers I hope you are all doing good!.

Today I have a few things I want to share with you from an Etsy shop I found recently called,” Beauty Bar Baby.” The creator and owner is Nicole who seems very sweet and loves what she does. All of her cosmetics are handmade, 100% mineral based, with AMAZING quality in everything I have tried. Click here to go give Nicole some love and please tell her I sent you!


The first item I want to tell you about is her loose mineral eyeshadows!. You can get a generous 0.5 sifter jar for 3.00, and out of the shades she offers, some and some of the shades she offers a generous 1 gram sifter jar for 5.00.*always doing new shades!. In the swatches below from the top of my hand is her White Chocolate Matte White shadow applied dry, then below its swatched wet. The shade below that is her Fairy Dust in green; first swatched dry, then wet.

Applied dry the are soft, easy to blend and a bit more pigmented than shown in the picture. Applied wet WOW what a sight to see!. As with other brands of loose shadows, if used wet a whole new level of gorgeousness will come alive.
Nicole, the owner always switches up her inventory so if you want either of these shades shown here and you don't see them listed, just send her a message and she will help you out with when she will have more.
The 3rd makeup item I want to tell you all about is her Green Tea Concealer, which is something I had never heard of, or found in another brand and I was super intrguied about this find!. It comes in powder form, which you apply directly over your moisturizer befor it dries -or- miss it in with another concealer that you may not like that much to amp up the coverage, among the other ways. The ingredient list is impressive as are the claims of what it will do for your skin in the areas you choose to use it in over a amount of time. Let me tell you all about the claims. It is combined with cranberry powder for flavonoid & antioxidant properties. With rice and bamboo silks for protecting, toning, and healing. Also has zinc oxide that is said to help with wrinkles.
It is light in color, I am light ivory, and it works great for me. On her etsy page she states that all skin shades and tones should be able to use this concealer. The product will come in a 20 gram sifter jar, sealed of course with 2grams of concealer which honestly, goes a long way for me. I suffer from bad under eye bags, darkness isn't too bad but I do have some. I love the way this feels on me, and I love that it is beneficial to my 30+ skin. It does not make my skin look dry, crapey, or cakey. I like this concealer!. You should try this little gem out.
Item number 4 is her Soft Focus Microperfecting HD Mineral Face Powder, WOW a mouth full (LOL). This powder is totally translucent, absorbed oil, blures pores, and wrinkles. This is Nicole's dupe for the 30.00 powder that is similar to the one found in sephora stores!. I truly love the texture, the way this looks on my face, and it lasts forever as well. You will receive this also in a 20gram closed sifter jar with 3grams of powder and the price?, 7.00!!.
Last but certainly not least is her Lip Potion Pots. The color I am showing is called, immortal and it is beautiful

You will not believe how silky smooth her lip pots are!. You get 5grams in a pot for 6.00. This amount will last you a long time. I don't even mind that it's not in a lip tube, I just use my clean finger or a lipbrush. The smell amazing, do not dry my lips out, the color lasts about 3 hours on my lips which is fine by me for a lip gloss.

That is all I have to share with you today and I do hope you will check out BeautyBarBaby, Nicole on Etsy. She loves what she does and you can tell through the great quality of makeup she puts out on her own. Take care everyone, talk to you later.

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Your Forever makeup lover, Amber.



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