Stargazer Cosmetics 

If you have looked at any of my previous posts you will find that I adore this cosmetic company for the good quality,nicely priced, and fast shipping especially since they are shipping from in the U.K. The first item I want to show you all is this beautiful Star Pearl Artic Blue pressed eyeshadow 


The swatch just doesn’t do justice!. It is a buildable shadow that can be a light shimmery blue or full on opacity in two layers. These shadows like most of Stargazer’s shadows are 3.00 for 3.5 grams which is a steal!. You can find this shadow Here

The next item I want to tell you all about is their cream shadow. I have a couple shades and I love them all. They glide on like butter and when they dry you can trust that it will not move until you take it off.  


These retail for 3.50 for 5.5 grams!. You can find these Here

And last but certainly not least for today is their liquid liners. I love them!. They all have a finely tipped brush-style applicator. These are not waterproof that is the downside, but, they are very pigmented and when they set, they are budge proof unless you get wet.  


These retail for 3.00 for .8 grams!. You can find them all Here

I hope you all have found this useful. Have a great day my dear readers.


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