Review on Elf’s Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

Hello my dear readers😀.

Today I have for you my thoughts on Elf’s primer and sealer and I hope this is helpful. If you have never heard of Elf (aka) EyesLipsFace your in for a treat because most of everything I have tried from their line have became my go to’s, for example; their translucent HD Powder. The eye primer in this duo is a skin toned flesh color that will even out the color on your eyelids if you have veins, darkness, ect…. I don’t think that this eye shadow primer is thaaaaat great simply because I have dry eyelids and it really just looks clumpy on me and you can imagine how that looks😖. I suppose if you have normal~oily lids this may work for you. 

On the other end the Liner Sealer is something I am very excited about😃. Think of Illamasqua’s  sealing gel, among others.  I used this on a random fine loose glitter as was surprised how quickly it set the glitter to a completely budge proof state. And you know what else?; it is waterproof as well!. I will continue to purchase this little gem just for the Liner Sealer you can’t beat the 3.00 price tag!.  This is what the product looks like,



You can find this product HERE on Elf’s online store. You can also find *select Elf items at Target.  I hope everyone has a great day. Talk to you soon😉.


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