Stargazer Loose Powder in Natural shimmer

Hello Everyone, my dear readers!. The last blog post I wrote was telling everyone that my baby boy, Gabriel was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. It has been a long, emotional, journey filled with prayer, tears, hope, sadness, and now our little angel is CANCER FREE!!!; Praise you Jesus, Lord Almighty.

Now what I am writing about today. I placed an online order on Stargazer’s website not to long ago. I reviewed many of the items on their world-wide website which is, and also on my Instagram page which is;

I just absoutly love their White loose powder for setting my under-eye area, and the Natural shimmer one is just a perfect, adult-shimmer/highlighter that has replaced so many others I have!. I found it useless to upload pictures because justice is just not done. The white loose is great for brightening under your eyes, no shimmer or glitter in this beautiful powder. I think Stargazer Cosmetics is a great company that offers good-quality makeup and you cant complain about pricing because everything is reasonable!. I hope this post was helpful. Take care everyone:). Remember everyday is a gift, let all the negative things that come your way roll off your back. Live, Love, Laugh, Have Hope, Prayers are purifying!. Your Beauty Lover* Amber Morris


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